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About Me

It’s my heart-felt belief that you deserve to have something far more amazing than just an average wedding. And that’s why I’m not your average Wedding DJ. In fact, being a DJ is just half of what I do.

What I’d like you to do for a moment is forget about the standard format of every wedding you’ve ever been to, because what I do is something you won’t have ever seen before in the UK.My name is Barney Grossman and the passion I’ve had for my job for over 12 years, and my mission to provide brides and grooms with a truly incredible experience, has taken me half way across the world in search of the spectacular.

If you’d like your wedding to be so extraordinarily unique that your guests will be completely in awe of what they’ve just witnessed, you’ve come to the right man.

It goes without saying that you’re special to each other, to your family and friends, and to every guest that will be at your wedding. So don’t you think it would be wonderful to let them know exactly how special they are? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to give them a day so incomparably amazing that they’ll remember it for the rest of their lives?

What I’ll do for you is totally personalise your wedding. In fact I’ll personalise it to such an extent that regardless of how many times I’ve been hired, no one will have ever seen anything quite like YOUR wedding before. From beginning to end, I’ll take your special day to a whole new level and make sure that it’s bursting at the seams with surprises. My aim is to not just make it perfect, but to make it absolutely breathtaking; to bring your friends and families together; to put smiles on faces , tears in eyes and create something so unique that everyone will be completely blown away for a very long time to come.

The time I’ll spend getting to know you before the big day will ensure that your wedding is full of fun, laughter and emotion, and that the special people in your life will be honoured in a way that they truly deserve. I love this part of my job as much as I love the day itself … hearing your stories, planning the surprises, sharing my ideas and learning all about yours, and then keeping the secrets to guarantee some truly unexpected and spectacular moments. Creating memories that will last a lifetime is my ultimate goal.

As I said, I’m not just a DJ with an obsession for music. I’m an entertainment specialist, a unique Master of Ceremonies, and a story teller with a passion to exceed expectations. I just don’t go the extra mile, I take on the marathon.

For a no obligation chat to learn more about my wedding DJ service and how I do it, please get in touch. I promise you won’t ever regret it, and with a 100% money back guarantee that you’ll love everything I do for you, you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose.

I can’t wait to hear from you and make your wedding dreams come true.