6 Music Ideas for your Wedding Breakfast

Nobody will want to hear the scraping of knives and forks at your wedding breakfast, so having some background music will be crucial. It won’t just eliminate the silence, but it will create a wonderful, relaxing ambience for your guests. Here are six ideas guaranteed to set the mood.

A Playlist of your Favourite Songs

There are so many options here. You could have a compilation of all of your modern favourites or perhaps pick a theme – Jazz, Rat Pack, Classical or Orchestral, for instance. If you haven’t got the time (or the energy!) to create your own playlist, a professional DJ would happily take care of this for you, providing you with excellent sound quality and a reliable service.

A Solo Musician                          

The harp, piano and saxophone all sound absolutely beautiful when played solo, and each one of them would create a wonderful, romantic backdrop for your wedding, bringing a touch of class to the proceedings.

A Solo Vocalist

A wedding singer will transform your wedding breakfast into a truly intimate moment. Whether you like old-time romantic classics or modern love songs, Michael Bublé or Michael Bolton, there’s a whole host of musical genres to choose from. Some wedding singers will take on the day requests and a few will even compose your very own love song. A singer is a perfect addition to any wedding.

An Acoustic Duo

With or without vocals, I don’t think there’s anyone who doesn’t like the sound of an acoustic guitar. Again, with so many choices of genre – from classical to Spanish and jazz to pop, your guests will absolutely love it.

A String Quartet

Whether you want to create an uplifting or a romantic mood, a string quartet will have it covered. Bringing a touch of elegance and grandeur to your wedding, it will enhance the sense of occasion and be something truly memorable for you and your guests to reflect on in years to come.

Singing Waiters

If you’re looking for some fun at your wedding, then this fits the bill perfectly! Posing as waiters and mingling with your guests before breaking into song will leave everyone in awe. Offering the perfect surprise entertainment, it’ll be something your guests will talk about for a very long time to come.

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