A Wedding Disco – Why You Really Need One

It’s very possible that when planning your big day that you’ll overlook the wedding disco.  And that’s understandable.  You’ve got so much else to plan.  From the invitations to the seating plan to the bridesmaid dresses.  Really thinking about what you’re going to do about the music at your event might seem like it’s not going to take a high priority.

And although I will admit, it’s not the most important thing at a wedding,  the wedding disco is actually much more important than people think. And I can tell you why in one simple sentence.

A great wedding DJ is the difference between your guests having a good time because they’re happy that you are getting married, and your guests having a fabulous time because it’s been an awesome party (and of course their share in your happiness).

What’s The Best Part About A Wedding Disco?


For many people, the memory of the

  • Happy couple’s first dance
  • Having fun dancing with their friends, new and old
  • The old folk and the children dancing

Are some of the most powerful memories of the day.

If you were in any doubt about the importance of a top notch wedding DJ before now, I think that you’ve been convinced.

At What Times Will The Wedding Disco Take Place?


Think about the times during your wedding when music can enhance the mood…

  • Before and after the ceremony
  • During the ceremony itself
  • During the meal
  • The reception
  • The after party

And depending on the type of wedding you have, any other time when people aren’t listening to a speech or other spoken words.

There comes a time, after the dancing has been on for a while when people have eaten, maybe had a few drinks and everything’s slowed down just a little.  You run the risk of the party shutting down right there and then.  Nobody wants their party petering out before its time, but that’s what can happen if the party-goers aren’t having a great time.  And once a few people go home, and the dance floor becomes more and more deserted, it’s only a matter of time before more people leave.

At this juncture you’ll thank your lucky stars that you hired Party Events Unlimited.  This is the time when a competent wedding disco operator will come into his own.  An experienced DJ will be able to read the mood of the party and liven things up.  With skilful use of music and announcements, maybe some games and some encouragement, he or she can really make the party fun for everyone.

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to have a wedding disco that your friends and family will talk of fondly in years to come, hire Barney to take care of all your DJing needs.  To see how we can be your perfect wedding disco, please visit our Wedding Entertainment page.

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