Choosing Wedding Entertainment

There is nothing more embarrassing for a newly married couple than to not see a single person dancing or having a good time at their reception. On the most important day of their lives they see a crowd of tired, bored friends and family sitting around, rather than celebrating the joyous occasion.

Usually, this cannot be blamed on the type of guests you invite, your significant other or the wedding party. It is far more likely that the lack of celebration at your reception is due to the hired entertainment.

When you begin your wedding planning, hiring a DJ or a band is probably the last priority on the list, after the dresses, venue, guest list, food, and bachelor/bachelorette parties of course! Not all couples will even consider searching for a DJ at all. Perhaps they are more traditional, or classical if you will. But that is no reason that a DJ cannot be hired instead of that overpriced string quartet you were considering. Not all DJ’s are immediately super cheesy either, though some people find this type of reception entertainment enjoyable. Basically, a good DJ will be what you want them to be.

When choosing your wedding DJ, there are many factors to take into consideration. First of all, determine the budget that you have set aside for entertainment. A good DJ company, such as Party Events Unlimited, will not just have “off the shelf” pricing. A number of factors will determine your price and they will work with you to meet your financial needs.

Secondly, you need to research your DJ. Do they have a plethora of events that they work? The more occasions that the company can do shows that there is definitely more experience under their belts. The experience should be obvious if they offer customer phone numbers in order for you to get testimonials. Any mobile disco DJ should offer you customer reviews; if they do not, be leery.

A good wedding entertainment company should provide a variety of music; disco, pop, classical, blues, jazz, etc., and offer you an extensive playbook. All of this can be discussed and decided at the interview. Be sure to ask your DJ what other services they offer, including disco lighting and/or spotlights (in case they are not offered by the venue), dance floor decorations, and the opportunity to have a soloist.

Tasteful DJ’s will keep the most professional attitude, no matter how crazy the party gets. They will work with you to coordinate the speeches, the toasts, the father-daughter dance, the cake cutting and more! Their personal knowledge of music should be extensive and useful, without ever imposing on your preferences.

Your wedding day will be a day that you want to be memorable, not only for you, but for friends and family. The correct wedding entertainment can help make that happen, and create a feeling of enjoyment that when looked upon will never fade.

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