Do You Need Wedding Insurance?

There isn’t a bride in the world who doesn’t want her wedding to be perfect in every way, but unfortunately things can and do go wrong. Wedding insurance is a financial safety net that will cover you for many eventualities, and for less than £100 for a £20,000 wedding, can you afford to not have it?

Wedding Day Disasters

A friend of mine bought her wedding dress eight months before the big day. She left it at the shop for safe storage with the intention of returning a month before the wedding for the final fitting. To her horror, the shop went into liquidation, and all stock – including her dress- was seized.  She was left distraught, out of pocket, and with very little time and money to replace it. If that’s not bad enough, here are a few more things that can put a spanner in the works:

  • Wedding party outfits being lost or ruined before the big day
  • Wedding rings being lost or stolen
  • Venues being double-booked
  • Cakes being dropped
  • DJs, entertainers, caterers and florists failing to deliver or cancelling at the last minute
  • Photographers losing images or using faulty equipment
  • Wedding gifts being damaged or stolen
  • Severe weather on your wedding day making it impossible for your guests to attend
  • Close family members getting so seriously ill that it warrants cancelling the wedding

There’s more I could add to the list but I think that gives you a rough idea of what can go wrong.

Thankfully, a lot of companies now provide wedding insurance. Some of these are unknown and independent companies – which in itself can be a risk – but there are many more well-known and reputable businesses that will get you covered and give you peace of mind.  John Lewis and Debenhams are just two that you could check out if you live in the UK.

Wedding Insurance Alternatives

Although it seems like a no-brainer to take out wedding insurance, only a few brides and grooms actually go ahead with it. The majority assume that these terrible things only ever happen to other people and that they’ll somehow be immune. If you’re a naturally optimistic person, or you simply don’t have another £100 in your wedding budget to get you covered, what can you do to ensure your day runs without a hitch?

  • Double and triple check times and dates with venues
  • Without fail, get written contracts for everything
  • Steer away from low cost, low budget suppliers
  • Ask suppliers if they have back-up equipment / staff in the event of a problem
  • Keep in touch with all suppliers throughout your planning process
  • Always have a back-up plan

As a professional, trustworthy and experienced Wedding DJ, I always provide written contracts, always meet my clients in person, and always stay in touch right up until the big day. In the event of an emergency, I have everything in place – a multitude of back up plans and extra equipment to ensure that if anyone lets you down on your wedding day, it definitely won’t be me!



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