Hot Wedding Trends for 2011

Planning a wedding can be a very an exciting time for in bride or wedding planner.  Learning the latest trends and techniques will defiantly help to keep your wedding more up to date to the hottest trends available.  So that question is what’s hot in 2011?

Vintage Wedding Touches

One of the growing popular trends occurring with 2011 weddings is adding a vintage touch.  This is one of the top wedding trends for this upcoming year weddings it the vintage look. This popular vintage and retro-inspired with a modern twist will have weddings all over with a classic but sassy vibe at the wedding. In today’s society what’s old is defiantly new and has becoming a hot trend for 2011 weddings.

Vintage Trends Include the Following,

  • Vintage Photography
  • Photo Booths; which are set draped-cloth backdrops.
  • Beautiful Textures
  • Ornate Details
  • Natural settings, including outdoor and backyard weddings
  • Vintage Wedding Dresses with cap sleeves

Go Green!

Eco-friendly weddings have become at a rise in throughout the years and we will continue to see more people going green for their upcoming 2011 weddings. Environmentally friendly weddings can be a great idea. You can think of second hand and vintage wedding dresses. There are also LED lighting available, recycled paper invitations and programs. Food can be purchases from local farms and other providers. Charity donation popularity will continue to increase, instead of traditional wedding favors, more couples will be asking for donations to their favorite charity instead of receiving their own wedding gifts.

Modern Choices

The modern, contemporary wedding will always be great in 2011. Brides choose non-traditional choice of clothing such as: beautiful colors instead of the usual white or ivory shoulder former place of strapless cocktail dresses and short term the little white dress. They have also built bright colors and bold, lounge settings, and after the games, the choice of cupcakes instead of wedding cake, and allow the color to connect the bridesmaids as they choose different styles dresses.

DIY Weddings

“Do it yourself” is another trend of marriage; we’ll continue to see next year. Originally due to the economy, this trend is here to stay, because it not only saves money but also adds something special for the big day. Personal touches and small details are very important; couples incorporate their favorite interests, hobbies, places, and even sports.

Social Media Influence on Weddings

We will also continue to see social media in their share of wedding planning. Couples kept informed guests of the wedding website and send updates for their enthusiasm and plans to Facebook and Twitter. Messages like “We booked the band today!” You can give your friends and family to feel part of the design.

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