How To Have The Best School Prom

Prom is a once in a lifetime event that needs to be planned and executed as perfect as possible to ensure you have an unforgettable night with your friends. With that said, it is important to handle all the necessary preparations in order to make sure Prom day memorable and significant in your life.

In order to have the best prom, it is imperative for you to plan as early as possible so that you can get things done without any hassles. Additionally, this also spares the inconvenience of making last minute purchases, which can lead to unwanted surprises. To say the least, planning is essential in order to achieve an unforgettable event that will leave a lasting impression.

Organize Thoroughly
Prom must be organized as thoroughly and as orderly as possible. Four months is a reasonable time that you or your student committee should look to get everything ready and prepped up appropriately. Among the most important components that make up a Proms are the limos, the entrance, the music and the DJ. The organizational period usually entails a lot of work, as there are a lot of things to cover. Nonetheless, when handled properly, it will turn out to be a well-planned and well-organized occasion that you can remember for a lifetime!

Prom DJ and Entertainment
Finding the right entertainment can be a real tricky task and can make or break your Prom! It is very often to want to go for the cheapest DJ but this usually means you will end up with a DJ who could probably be as old as your grandad, with a pop-belly and enjoy playing the Macarena. We at Party Events Unlimited, offer young fresh club DJs with sound set ups and light systems to match the desired all out blast effect. As for music selection we even offer an online music playlist that not only you, but also your class mates can also add to! So you can be sure you won’t be hearing your Abba or Stevie Wonder (unless thats your thing?).

The layout of the prom is very important because it sets the mood and the atmosphere for the entire event. The entrance and the overall appearance should be decorated and designed professionally to evoke different feelings and emotions. This substantially gives the prom a completely magical and exceptional ambiance. Ideas such as Ballons, Flowers, Photo Projectors or LED uplighting can all make a big impression for a very reasonable fee.

Nowadays, limo services are essential for proms. Limo services allow for an grand entrance and also a mass transportation in which groups can come together and interact as they all get to the event. Some other really crazy ideas are firetrucks, sports cars, party buses, hummers, motorbikes, or even helicopters!

Prom is an occasion that will last for the rest of our lives. It’s a smart idea to hire professional photographers to cover the whole event so that the outcome will look very professional and magnificent. After all, these photos will be your remembrance to this once in a lifetime event, you certainly don’t want that picture with your eyes half shut and half a finger covering the lense.

It is always a good idea to have  supervision to look over the whole event. Essentially, the prom can be a very busy event. Organizers and supervisors should be present on the day itself in order to carefully arrange everything and make sure all the components fit together. Moreover, supervisors will also make sure that the prom is secure as a lot of unsuspecting individuals take this event as an opportunity to be rowdy and restless. Likewise, they will also be the one to enforce the dress code. All in all, a good supervision crew will allow the prom to flow smoothly and accordingly. Best of all, why not consider using your teachers as inside supervisors, they can always add fun to your event!

So ensure as you can tell there is a lot of planning and preperation for your big special Prom day, and we hope we have highlighted the reasons why you should choose your Prom DJ carefully, after all you certainly don’t want a Peter Kay style DJ ruining your last night together. So why not have a look through our gallery at some of the proms and functions we have done, to see if we fit the standard to what your after… To be honest, if you can think it – we can make it happen!

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