How to Have The Perfect Wedding Disco

Your Perfect Wedding Disco

Having a wedding disco at your evening wedding reception is most Brides’ perfect end to a perfect wedding day. Wedding discos are an excellent choice for your evening wedding entertainment as all your guests can be involved as much (or as little) as they would like. It gives your evening event a focal point, a way to bring people together, a great way for you to mingle and spend time with as many of your guests as possible and is a great signal for then end of the night. Modern wedding discos however, are not simply some of the latest tunes and a dance floor, modern wedding discos can be as unique as you are and can really wow your guests.

A great wedding DJ is invaluable in creating a spectacular event for you and your guests as they can act as master of ceremonies or compère, play your favourite songs along with ones that will please all your guests and ensure any requests from your guests are handles well and with good humour. When you look for a wedding DJ look for one that can offer original and bespoke services like these:

Our Wedding Disco Top Tips

Magical Mood Lighting

Do you want your wedding disco to look incredible? Of course the answer is yes! Then find a DJ that also provides mood lighting, this can elevate a plain venue to something really special. Good combinations of uplighters and downlighters can bathe the space in a warm sparkly glow or even paint the space in light with your wedding colours.

Sparkling Dance Floors
If you love to dance and want to feel truly special at your wedding disco then hiring a wedding DJ that also supplies a twinkling dance floor so you and your guests feel like you are dancing in the stars.

Coloured DJ Booths
Ensure your DJ matches your theme by ensuring your wedding DJ can provide the standard black and also an alternative like a white DJ booth, this looks elegant and matches most wedding themes.

Photo Montage
Brides and Grooms now often wish to share their unique story, who they are, how they met, and then the romance that led to the wedding with their guests. A photo montage is a popular way to include this story as a focal point to your evening. Ensuring a good selection of photographs of the guests in the photo montage will make your guests feel even more included in your special day.

Confetti Explosion
Do you want a way to really wow and surprise your wedding guests? Then get a wedding DJ that can also supply a confetti explosion at your evening reception. This is a great focal point and is always the highlight of an evening and something your guests will be talking about for years to come.

Master of Ceremonies
A good wedding DJ is confident, responsive, listens to your requirements, and is great and polite with your guests, an excellent wedding DJ like can also act as your Master of Ceremonies and work with you to make your whole evening run like clockwork.

Huge Playlist
Your wedding DJ needs to have an extensive repertoire and should let you view their collection before the big day. They can work with you and offer advice on your first dance and how to work in all your favourite tunes throughout your wedding reception to make it completely unique to you.

The perfect wedding disco at your evening reception should be a combination of your unique story and your favourite songs, meaningful songs and songs that your guests will enjoy and a professional wedding DJ will be able to get this mix completely right for you. A DJ that combines experience, a great personality, a huge playlist and a wealth of extras can really make your wedding disco a wow event!

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