Important Questions to Ask Your Wedding DJ

Music is a big part of the mood and ambience of any gathering, but at a wedding reception it can make the difference between a good time and a boring one. The wrong music could even offend some guests and ruin the entire night. The wedding DJ you select has the potential to make your reception a big hit or a total disaster. Here are some important questions you should ask whoever you hire to provide your wedding disco in order to guarantee the right atmosphere for your big day.

For starters, make sure you actually get to meet the wedding DJ you are hiring. Try to get a vibe for the person’s attitude. Do they seem like they will keep a good wedding disco going without crossing the line or obsessing over playing their own style of music? Do they appear attentive to your questions and requests? These are important factors that show how the person will behave when they are at the center of the entertainment on your wedding day.

Make sure the wedding DJ you hire will respect your list of songs you want played and songs you do not want played. DJs usually have their own set of tunes in mind and like to create a flow of songs, but they should also have the skill to incorporate your songs into their own playlists to create an event that reflects your tastes. Find out if they plan to take breaks during the wedding disco and what they will play during their breaks. It doesn’t take long for a dance floor to clear if the flow of music stops. You may even want to ask to see a video of a previous wedding disco to see how the DJ performs.

Its also important to clearly define the functions of the wedding DJ. Besides keeping the wedding disco going, do you expect him to make announcements or “emcee” the various events throughout the night? Most DJs are happy to emcee the cake-cutting, first dance, and other events during the night. You may want to ask to hear how they will announce the events. Some DJs tend to use a corny or over-the-top voice which may not be in the flavor of your wedding day.

To avoid surprises, you should make sure you have a contract with your wedding DJ. A professional DJ should have no problem with this. There are bound to be some surprises and mishaps in every wedding ceremony and reception, but by following these simple suggestions you can make sure your DJ will not be causing any extra headaches on your big day.

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