Interviewing your prospected Reception Entertainment

Is your wedding right around corner? Have you selected the music entertainment that will be played at the reception? If you haven’t yet then this is an essential article for you to read on how to choose the entertainment for your reception.

The music at the reception is really one of the most important aspects of the whole entire reception. One of the most important things on your to do list when finding the right entertainment is the interview process. Many people dread interviewing other people but this is essential for you when it comes to hiring someone. You are hiring a person to do a job for you therefore you should be familiar with who will be playing the music for your reception before you try to hire them.

Depending on whether you decide to select a wedding DJ, a live band, or disco specialist you should interview a couple of candidates to narrow down your search. Remember everyone’s personality is unique and different in your own way you are looking for someone to match the personality of the reception and how you feel it should go. There are some questions that you should ask your prospected entertainment, ask them if they are familiar with the venue that is selected? Hiring someone who is very familiar with the venue can make your reception occur more smoothly. Now specifically ask your entertainment if he or she will be the ones to be playing the music at your reception, some cases people may get hired and have other people perform for them the day of, make that clear from the beginning.

Also begin to look at the pricing, overtime, unexpected fee’s and so forth. You and the person you want to hire should address a contract from both parties so you both can agree to terms and what should be expected the day of the wedding. If your entertainer does not want to agree to a contract I would highly recommend you to choose someone else for the job. A contract is essential for you and the entertainment so there won’t be any further problems the day of the wedding. This way you both can agree to terms with no trouble’s in between because you have a contract.

So make your selection wisely and you are bound to find the right entertainer for you.

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