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Everything about a wedding can be stressful once that engagement ring is slipped on the awaiting finger. From relatives who never seem to be satisfied, to choosing what wine goes with what dish, to who should sit at what table, and so on and so forth. One aspect of weddings that should not be ignored (and is certainly implied) is the music to be played at the reception.

A popular method of providing entertaining in this modern world is to set it up so that an iPod will play the music. It may be difficult to exclude an old friend that has played music through the night and day, on plane rides and car drives, but it should be considered. After all, there are many reasons why using one probably isn’t a good idea.

For one thing, there is a good chance the setup will have a mind of its own, and not do what you want that crucial moment. The guests – standing around, the bubbles in their wine glasses falling one by one – while the groom or a member of the bridal party fumbles to figure out what’s wrong with it. As their eyes seem to bore into the back of your head, an embarrassing song by a group you didn’t want people to know you like starts to play. Somehow, the shuffle option has been selected, instead of a special playlist you created for the occasion.

Another downside to using an iPod as Wedding Entertainment is that it doesn’t quite set the right mood. That tiny box sitting on a chair in the corner will not do much to get the guest’s legs moving. They may not even see it or realize that it’s there, and unless it’s hidden away safely, somebody might sit on it, and then you’d have an iPod pancake.

So why not use a Wedding DJ? Having a living, breathing person to actively play your music, take request and interact is the most efficient for a wedding reception. Wedding Disco music, combined with a Mobile Disco presce, will liven things up, setting a mood that lets the guests know that they should be going crazy and looking foolish on the dance floor. Whereas an iPod playing might simply be seen as background noise, a quality Wedding DJ would really pump things up and make the music stand out and get attention.

Whether the DJ is meant to be a Wedding DJ, a Prom DJ, or even just a Party DJ, it can give any function a life of its own, and going with one would be a smart move.

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