Last minute Wedding DJ bookings

When planning your wedding, one of the essential elements, which is often overlooked or postponed until the last minute, is booking the wedding DJ or wedding disco. Booking the right DJ for your wedding is essential, after all he control the latter part of your special day – if done poorly your guests may leave feel dissatisfied by the music selection and presentation of the DJ which may put a damper on the end of a great day. Therefore, booking ahead of time is critical since the best DJs for weddings are often in demand and are usually booked up anywhere from 6 months to 18 months in adavance. There is no harm in booking this far ahead and although I have DJ for wedding bookings up to 2 years in advance, I do have some openings available, but they are filling up quickly.

Recently there has been a significant increase in the number of calls I have got looking to make last minute bookings for a DJ for wedding or other similar function. They are often surprised and disappointed when they find out that we have none  available. Many of these people call up a month in advance  (although my personal shortest has been 2 weeks) before their wedding and have to resort to using the Yellow pages to randomly call to book a DJ. However, chances are they may find a few who may not have a good reputation, hence the reason for their availability at such short notice.

In the same way some people wait until the last minute to book DJs, some DJs are unreliable. Many people have expressed their fears with having DJs not show up for the event for varied reasons. Some DJs have no scruples cancelling or “no showing” because they can get more money on a job from another customer. This is unacceptable and even in short notice bookings we still would urge you to get a written agreement with your DJ for wedding

Another reason why we receive last minute DJ booking requests is using friends to do the event. This arrangement is usually low-priced with no signed agreement and possibly a lack of commitment on the part of the friend. It is no fun calling to book a DJ a few days before your function because your friend’s friend has backed out of the arrangement. The last minute booking is often beyond your budget and you are left with having to face embarrassment, disappoint the group or find an unsuitable substitute.

You should never leave the booking of a DJ to chance. Therefore, it is important to book the right DJ in advance for your wedding reception and avoid last minute headaches.

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