My Trip to Las Vegas

I’ve just arrived home from two wonderful weeks in Las Vegas. It was all I imagined it would be, and more  besides. So much more.

Unique Wedding Ideas

As I’m a DJ and this is a blog predominantly about weddings and wedding entertainment, you may be wondering why I’m about to tell you about my holiday. Well, I’m not. I didn’t go to Vegas for a holiday; I went for something far more important…  In short, I’ve brought back to the UK something that the UK wedding entertainment industry has never seen before. In fact, as I write, I am one of a very few UK DJs to have gained certification in the three incredible workshops I attended and best of all I can’t wait to put everything I’ve learned into practice and share it with you.

[image srctype=”form” align=”right” size=”medium” autoHeight=”true”]2676[/image]I’ve been a DJ for twelve years now and have been seriously focusing on wedding entertainment for the last five. Throughout that time I’ve DJ’d at many functions across the UK and Europe and have gained a wealth of experience, so you may be wondering why I’d even bother to invest time and money into training.  Surely I was a good enough Wedding DJ already? The answer is simple. I don’t just want to be good at what I do, I want to be outstanding.  Far more importantly, I don’t want you to be happy with my services, I want you, your partner, your family and your friends to be completely blown away by what I do ( and dare I say making them jealous of your wedding day).

The MarBecca Workshop

Mark and Rebecca Ferrell have created a global awareness in the Wedding DJ industry. They believe that DJs not only could do better but should do better. Their Marbecca Method workshops – which are the very best in the world – teach Wedding DJs to not only excel in their field and be better than the industry standard, but to always, without exception, focus on the most important part of any wedding: YOU (the couple getting married). Their motto is simple: “It’s all about Love,” and their aim is to show Wedding DJs how to deliver a performance of a lifetime on the most special day of people’s lives.

Before I tell you about what I learned, I want to tell you this. The last thing I want to do is point the finger at other DJs or Mobile Discos and imply that they’re not good enough, because that’s not true. There are many DJs and Mobile Discos out there doing a good job – delivering speeches, playing the right music, filling dance floors and giving everyone a good time – and I know lots of brides and grooms are happy with that. But is that because they’ve never been shown anything different? Is it because they never dared to imagine how much more incredible their wedding could actually be?

Make Your Wedding Unique to You!

How many times have you heard the words: “Please be upstanding for the bride and groom?”  Time and time again, up and down the country, those words are uttered by many to a gentle round of applause as the newlyweds make their grand entrance. I don’t know about you, but to me, those eight words convey a lack of love, care and attention from the host delivering them. They leave me cold.

It doesn’t have to be like this!

I’ve seen and learned so much in the past couple of weeks – things that I hope will turn the UK Wedding Entertainment standard on its head. I’ve been striving for better for you…and I want you to want it for yourselves.

If you’d like to know exactly how I can make your wedding not only spectacular, but completely unique, how I’ll include not just you but your entire wedding party in my performance, and why your guests will be telling you that your wedding was the best one they have ever been to, just click here

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  1. Richard Porter February 15, 2013

    I’m jealous Barney.. Well done i can only hope to gain the wealth and experience you have got from.your trip over the next couple of years. Hope to finally meet you over in vegas or at bpm maybe. Congrats your wedding clients will benefit greatly.

    • Barney Grossman February 15, 2013

      Many thanks for the kind word Richard. Looking forward to sharing my knowledge with the rest of the industry. Maybe see you at Pro Mobile Conference if your going?


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