My Wedding DJ has let me down

It happens all the time sadly: a DJ either cancels right before the event or he just never shows up. While you might be able to scrounge by without a DJ during some events, a no-show for a wedding might just ruin the evening. What do you do if you are having trouble with Wedding DJs? Better yet, how do you avoid having trouble in the first place when hiring Wedding DJs? Here are some tips.

Wedding DJs can be expensive. If someone offers to DJ your event for an incredibly low rate, use extreme caution. Remember that “there is no such thing as a free lunch”! In other words, there may be a reason why their rates are so low. Over the years, I’ve gotten many frantic calls at the last minute from brides and grooms looking for a DJ as their original one cancelled on them. Almost without fail, these DJ’s were quoting incredibly low prices which were much lower than industry rates. As it turns out, many DJ’s were offered a better paying gig and just decided to take the better paying offer instead of honouring their previous commitment. If someone offers you a rate that is just to good to be true, it probably is.

Another way to make sure that your DJ shows is to get a written contract. If your DJ doesn’t offer a contract or refuses to sign a contract for your event, you should refuse to book them. A contract protects both parties and ensures that the DJ will show up for the event and that he or she will get paid. I’ve discovered that the vast majority of the people who get let down by their DJ do not have a written contract. Instead, they are relying on a verbal agreement. Yes, it is ashame that some people can not be trusted to fulfill their promises, but that doesn’t change reality.

By following these tips, you should be able to find a Wedding DJ that shows up and shows off his talent at your event.

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