Private Videos

Short Grand Entrance

This is just an example of how much more fun a simple grand entrance can be


Love Story Grand Entrance

Want to truly captivate your friends and family for your entrance? Watch this comical yet tear jerking love story entrance


Bridal Party Very Funny Grand Entrance

This super grand entrance pushes the boat of what you can do at a wedding to the limits, be ready to laugh and ask “did he really just say that?!”


Playing the Mr & Mr Game

A fun way to kick off the evenings entertainment with a live version of the TV show


The after party (fake ending!)

Ever want do have ALOT of your favorite nostalgic music (Garage, 90s, Trance, whatever) at your wedding but concerned what Grandma might say? Well here is the solution…


Custom First Dance Mashup

You’ve seen them on YouTube, why not do it yourself with my help…


Special Father Daughter Dance

This is a personal way to give a meaningful message to someone special


Wedding Advice Cards

How do you warm up a crowd ready for the speeches, how about reading out some wedding advice card from your guest

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