Questions to Ask Your Wedding DJ

Finding a Wedding DJ

Searching for a DJ for your wedding can be something of a minefield, to help you find the perfect DJ for your special day we have put together some questions you need to ask and the answers you should expect:

Wedding Suppliers: You can start by asking your venue for a list of recommended suppliers. These are usually DJ’s that have been at the venue before for other Brides so they know the venue layout well. It normally takes some time for a DJ to be recommended especially by the more expensive venues so these DJ’s are a great start, venues should provide you with a few different names. Don’t however think that you have to go with the DJ your venue recommends, sometimes if you DJ is included in a package provided by the venue they may not be the perfect DJ for your wedding so check them out. If you find a DJ that really captures what you are looking for as long as they can get to the venue use the wedding DJ you feel most comfortable with.

References: Saying that don’t go on gut feeling alone! When you have a found a DJ that seem right for you ask for references, a good DJ should be able to provide a good spread of people they have done work for in the past. When they give you references do call them and ask if they were happy with the service and if there were any problems. It is also worth asking previous clients of your wedding DJ if they could have changed anything what would it be or if there was anything they wished they had asked before they booked the DJ?

Professional Wedding DJ: Ask if your wedding DJ is a full time professional DJ and ask how long they have been DJing at weddings, more than 5 years is a good yardstick to go by and more than 10 years shows that this DJ is likely to be around for your wedding especially if you book more than a year in advance and remember many of the good DJ’s do get booked up more than a year in advance.

Arrange a meeting: Meet your DJ before the wedding. It may sound like a simple tip but meet your DJ before you make your final choice if you can as you need to make sure you get on, that they look professional and they are likable. All very important elements for a smooth and enjoyable wedding day

Other services: Ask if your wedding DJ offers any other services. The best wedding DJ’s should have a whole host of extra’s that can be added on to make your wedding disco truly memorable. Extras include mood lighting, sparkling dance floors, coloured DJ booths, photo montage services and be able to offer master of ceremony services.

Pricing: Ask what is and what is not included in the price you have been quoted you don’t want any misunderstandings or surprises on the day. A good wedding DJ will give you a written quote with all elements explained in a clear and simple way. Ensure that your wedding DJ has insurance and has good quality Pat tested equipment. It is absolutely fine to ask your DJ about these things and a good one should be pleased you are asking.

Getting advice: Feel free to ask your chosen wedding DJ for advice, remember they have been to lots and lots of wedding discos, and can advise on previous weddings they have been to for ideas and timings – when to do any speeches and when to have the buffet etc. are great questions to ask.

Good wedding DJ’s can really make your evening reception come alive and tailor a wedding disco that is unique to you. A great wedding DJ may cost a little extra but it will make your evening entertainment much more memorable.

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