Rolling Out the Light Show

When it comes to transforming your standard town hall hall, white marquee in the backyard, or open warehouse floor into a venue worthy of such a special function where lasting memories are made and smiles are created, we completely understand the want and need to be better than any other event!

When you hire a mobile disco with us, you are not simply just hiring a DJ, with a good set up… you are hiring a professional DJ with an arsenal of great equipment at his finger tips. With such a range of equipment not only offers safety in the form of back up equipment it also offers flexibility for your Wedding Disco, Party Entertainment or DJ Hire.

Lighting plays a very big part in setting the mood – as you can imagine a nice soft white moving slowly verses the full on flashing strobe creates a very different atmosphere, which both have their places. We understand that when you hire a DJ for a wedding, your first dancing you anticipate being a special moment where you can enjoy with your loved one and don’t expect to be blinded by flashing lights, laser beams or covered with smoke. Similarly we also reaslise that when you hire a Prom DJ or Party DJ you actually might quite like the smoke, laser, flashing lights and thumping sounds. In either situation we have the ability to match the lighting to the mood you want.

Additional extra like up lighting can really transform a room, one example that can be seen is the transformation of a scout hut styled town hall into a professional looking wedding venue. Up lighting is certainly one of the greatest compliments you can add to a colour theme, as pretty much any colour or combination of colours can be made with up lighting… and then once the party kicks off we can then start to make the lighting change colours, flash and dance to the music.

This something to consider when planning your event, all the little extras that make your event just that extra special… why not check out our Pin It

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