Significance of a Contract for Reception

Have you just hired the entertainment for your reception? If, yes then developing a contract will be essential for both parties to come to a mutual agreement.

When you our hiring someone whether it’s a wedding DJ, live band or disco specialist a contract is very necessary. The contract will have both you and the other person being hired come to terms on prints. When people discuss a reception it’s probably the most memorable part of the whole entire wedding. So you need to have the entertainer agree that they will make your reception exactly on how you planned it out to be.

A contract is also essential because you will know upfront the pricing of everything and what the entertainer will be trying to charge you. The contract can include overtime, extra fee’s and so forth for you to agree upon. Having a contract developed is great because you can also include what should be expected the day of the reception, just in case something were to occur you can look back and reflect on the contract that both you and them have agreed upon. Let’s say the person you plan on hiring does not want to sign or agree upon a contract. If this is the case you should not do any business with this person. You should begin your selection process again to find someone that will agree to a contract. The contract is not only helping you but it is also helping the entertainer as well. You may also want to question the person you plan to hire, asking them their experience with weddings.

You may want to look over their wedding experiences when you plan to hire anyone. Once you have develop terms that you both agree on then a contract should be developed at this time which both of you should sign stating that both parties agree with the terms included in the contract. When you are planning your special day you always have to remember that this is your day and things should go properly just like you expected them.

No one once to face any bad surprises on the day of their wedding so adding a contract is just that extra security to make sure everything will go as planned.

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