The Wedding DJ vs Jukebox for a Wedding Reception

These days you might have heard some couples hiring Juke Box’s for their wedding reception instead of hiring professional wedding DJs. Sure, the juke box looks cool, and when lit up it adds a touch of nostalgia to the party. But it also has its disadvantages. What I would like to do quickly is talk a bit about the pros and cons.

People who prefer the juke box might say that the guests feel in control of the music because they get to choose the songs they want to hear, however this can often be a bit more of a disadvantage than an advantage, can you imagine if everyone (including the younger guests who like to play with everything) got their request played… it would be the birdie song and agadoo all over the place! The wedding reception using a DJ is subject to the talents and abilities to adapt to a crowd – as most wedding DJs are very versatile and can change the music style pretty quickly. A good wedding DJ has the skill set to not only filter out some of the more “out of place” songs but also deal with the guests in a courtace manor explaining why it might not be possible to play their request at the moment. However if the client wishes, the DJ can of course make it a free for all and play anything and everything – but be warned this might cause a bit of dance floor action problems.

I don’t know about you, but as a wedding guest I don’t want to have to feel the need to work and set out what music I want to listen to at the party. I’d rather be surprised and charmed by the selections of the bride and groom and the innovation of the wedding disco company to incorporate a bit of everything. There’s also the problem of modern music. A lot of the new songs are not available on the vinyl that some juke boxes require.
Choosing DJs for wedding parties also provides a sort of master of ceremonies for the reception. A good DJ entertainer will introduce important family members, direct the guests’ attention to the cutting of the wedding cake, and guide the throwing of the bouquet. Most professional DJs are also very good about following the playlist requests of the wedding party and will moderate the volume to suit the setting and the crowd.

Good music is what people want at a wedding party, and it can be provided by both a machine and by a DJ. Just know what it is you are looking and how it fits in with your vision for you day is important to make sure you get it right.

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