Wedding Apps – Part 2

Apps to help you plan your Wedding

The cool thing about having a cell phone is with all the latest technology available for us. One handy tool that we can use directly from our cell phones is applications, or apps for short.  Apps are the latest technology that will help you to stay even more connected to the world. Whatever you need and want there is an app available for you.  Are you looking for some local restaurants maybe you want to conduct some research with Google or Yahoo, there is pretty much an app for everything.  Some apps that have grown to become very popular throughout the years are the wedding apps. That’s right is you are planning on having an up and coming wedding there are wedding apps located for you especially if you have an iPhone. These apps will help you through are the binders and files out the window, and now you can keep track of everything directly from your fingertips. Future brides and grooms all over the country are falling in love with these wedding apps, it has defiantly made the planning of the wedding that much simpler. A lot of the wedding apps are free, but there are some that will cost you a few dollars.


If you are interested in playing a wedding game them how about playing WeddingDash, this game is absolutely free, it just a free wedding game that you can play on your spare time. The lite version will allow play the entire first 5 levels for free.  This game helps assist couples in selecting all the details, such as cakes, flowers and whatever other items that is included in the wedding planning. Of course with every game there are pitfalls so you really have to beware of those, you have to keep the bride and groom happy, and run a successful wedding planning business to win this game.


iBridal Gown is another wedding app that cost $3.99 and it was designed by a bridal salon owner, in this app it will help you to search for your perfect wedding gown.  Every bride wants to find the perfect dress for them and this app will defiantly will help you find the wedding gown you are looking for. As you go on your journey in visiting different bridal salons you can easily enter info about the different types of dresses that you love. Your favorite dresses can be stored on an easy use list, where you can view all kinds of details, pictures and even directions back to the store that you found your perfect dress.

Wedding 911

Another free app, called theKnow wedding 911, is designed by editors at the Know magazine and, this free iPhone app is an on the go source to have the most expert wedding advice. Another great features that are available is that you can post questions and get instant answers from the other brides to be

Bride Guide

Bride Guide is a $4.99 app that can be a great wedding app all at once. There are tons of features that are included, which are a countdown timer, to do lists, budget calculator, and tons of articles that can and will inform you on what to do.

Thats just about all we have time for in this series on Wedding iPhone Apps

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