Wedding Dance Floor Location

They say that location is everything.

When you buy a house, book a holiday or even arrange the furniture in your living room, location plays a huge part in your decision making.  Likewise, when you’re organising your wedding, you may well choose your honeymoon, church or venue based on location and perhaps  even ensure that things like the head table and the cake are strategically placed too. But it shouldn’t stop there.

Have you ever given any thought to the location of your wedding disco and subsequently the dance floor (or if your lucky sparkly dance floor)?

When most couples visit their venue for the first time, they’re usually preoccupied with browsing through menus, looking at the decor and talking costs. They may take a brief glance at the dance floor area when the venue points it out, but then they move on to discussing other matters,  unaware that the area the vennue has just pointed out is not actually set in stone.


I’ve been a guest at many weddings over the years and it always amazes me that the dance floor (and the location of it) is either rarely questioned or not given any thought at all. Your entertainment is going to be the pinnacle of your evening reception and the dance floor is the one place that you’ll hope will be filled from beginning to end,  where your guests are going to congregate, let their hair down and have some fun, and where some unforgettable memories are going to be made.  The trouble is, a badly positioned dance floor can ruin everything.

I’ve seen weddings where the DJ and the dance floor have been in a separate room down the corridor and round the corner, and unsurprisingly, they were certainly not easy to keep the floors filled. Some guests (despite numerous announcements and calls) still managed to miss the first dance and for the majority of the evening you’d have thought that the DJ had been hired for an under-fives ‘knee-skidding’ competition.  I’ve seen weddings where a tiny dance floor has been pushed into the corner of the room, almost as an afterthought. Again, it’s perhaps not used as much as the couple would have liked.

It doesn’t have to be like this.


As a professional wedding DJ, one of the first things I insist on is meeting my clients at their wedding venue and talking through their dance floor options. If it’s possible, a centrally located dance floor is the best choice you could ever make. When you have your first dance (and any other special dances you may have planned), it goes without saying that you deserve to be centre stage and not just shoved into a corner somewhere. Your guests, too, will want to be entertained, and making the dance floor the focal point of the evening will ensure that they are. Nobody wants to trawl back and forth across a room (or to another room) to get to the dance floor when their favourite song is being played, and for the non-dancers (there’s always a few), they’ll  still want to feel a part of it all and see all the fun. Dancers or not, they deserve to be involved!


If you love your venue but the dance floor area is too small or badly positioned, it doesn’t necessarily have to create a problem. A portable dance floor can be placed  exactly where it needs to be, and can be hired in whatever  size you’d like. And what could be more special on your wedding day than having a dance floor that sparkles? Available in both black and white, a high gloss sparkling dance floor is absolutely stunning and guaranteed to create the wow factor. Even if your  venue already has a perfectly positioned one, a twinkling dance floor can still be laid over the top of the existing one  to create a spectacular centre-piece that will not only leave everyone in awe, but flocking to it to bust their moves!

Don’t let obstacles get in your way on your wedding day. Sometimes, when you think outside the box, wonderful things can happen that’ll make your day amazing.

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