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One of the most popular questions that people ask when planning their wedding is: how much should a wedding DJ cost. It’s a good question because if you’ve never booked a DJ before, it’s difficult to know how much you should be charged. Prices can vary from the low hundreds up to over a thousand pounds and often couples just settle for the cheapest in the belief that they’re getting a bargain, only to regret it later. If you do decide to book your wedding DJ on cost alone, it’s worth taking note of exactly what you can expect to get for your money so you won’t be disappointed with the service delivered to you.


Everybody has a budget, and regardless of the size of it, every bride and groom wants exactly the same thing for their wedding: a fantastic day that they – and their friends and family – will remember for the rest of their lives. But with so much to pay for, it can be difficult to prioritise. One of the easiest ways to work out the importance of something is to imagine not having it. For example, if you arrived at your venue to find it had been double-booked, it would be absolutely disastrous. It goes without saying that your venue should be your top priority. You would be understandably upset if your florist didn’t arrive, or if your caterer got your cake order wrong, but how much of an impact would that actually have on the success or failure of your wedding day? I’m sure you’ll agree that in terms of priority, it should be a lot further down your list than the venue.

[image srctype=”form” title=”Wedding DJ Cost” align=”right” size=”medium” autoHeight=”true”]2251[/image]Now think about what would happen if your wedding DJ didn’t arrive. You’d probably have no alternative but to plug an iPod into the in-house speaker system and hope for the best, but without a professional entertainer filling the dance floor, without the lightshow and without all the special songs you had chosen, your entire evening would be ruined.

I hope that’s convinced you of the importance of your wedding DJ, but hiring one based on low price could be just as disastrous as one not turning up at all. Music alone cannot create a wonderful wedding reception, just as a camera in the hands of a novice cannot create breathtaking photographs. For something to be outstanding and jaw-droppingly perfect, it’s absolutely imperative that you hire an expert.

I’m sure you’ve been to a wedding before where the DJ wasn’t as good an entertainer as everyone had hoped, where the music selection was poor and the dance floor was empty. It happens all the time, and more often than not guests make their excuses and leave early, purely because the DJ is a flop. Can you imagine how upsetting that would be if it happened at your wedding?

Remember, your wedding reception is probably going to be the most important party you will ever host in your life, and it’s the moments created during your reception that will stay with you forever. The laughter. The fun. The dancing. The personalised moments that will leave you and your guests with memories that will last a lifetime. These moments don’t happen by accident, it takes a skilled and professional wedding DJ to ensure that everyone is having fun, the dance floor is full and that the bride and groom’s dreams become a reality.

So, instead of hiring your wedding DJ on cost alone and risking a disaster, it really is worth spending just a few hundred pounds more and leaving your wedding reception entertainment in the hands of a true professional.

A professional wedding DJ will want to meet you for a face to face consultation so that you can tell him all about your plans for your special day. He’ll want to know all about your music tastes and any special dances you may have planned, and often you’ll be given access to his music library where you can make your own selections too. As a professional wedding DJ, he’ll dress appropriately for your wedding reception and use high quality and up to date equipment that will be PAT tested to ensure your safety. He’ll also have back-up equipment on stand-by in the event of something going wrong. In most cases, being a DJ will be his full-time profession and as a result he will have a lot more experience. Providing you with a personalised and unique wedding reception will be his top priority and he will usually spend many hours prior to your big day planning everything down to the very last detail. There are some DJs in this price range who will even offer a money back guarantee – something that a budget DJ would never consider offering.

Many professional Wedding DJs are able to provide music for your ceremony, background music for your wedding breakfast and microphones for the speeches. Some will offer to be your Master of Ceremonies for the entire day and will be there to co-ordinate everything perfectly and take care of all announcements, ensuring everything happens exactly when it’s supposed to. Often, they’ll be able to offer many more extra touches to make your wedding day even more unique and special – mood lighting, starlit dance floors, confetti explosions and video montages. This is a truly professional service and the price reflects it.


There is no right or wrong answer regarding how much you should pay for your wedding DJ, but before hiring one based purely on cost, ask yourself what it is that you really want on what will be one of the most special days of your lives, because – as it is with most things – you certainly get what you pay for!

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