Wedding Packages Pitfalls

With people working more hours than ever before, trying to squeeze family and hobby time around their work, we’re fast becoming a nation of using one-stop supermarkets, buying online and ultimately taking as many shortcuts as we can to free up extra  ‘fun’ time. But are we really getting the quality and service we deserve when we cut corners like this?

Planning a wedding is a massive undertaking. The to-do list can run into pages, and the thought of embarking on it can seem daunting to even the very best organisers. It’s no wonder then, that some brides and grooms breathe a huge sigh of relief when their wedding venue offers them a package deal that includes not only a toastmaster, but a DJ for the evening reception.  What could be better?  That’s two things crossed off the list straight away, right?

Let me ask you this. Would you let your wedding venue make your wedding cake without even asking you about your preference in style and taste? Would the words from your vendor: “oh, she’s really good!” be enough to sway you? And if you did decide to go ahead, how disappointed would you be when the three-tier ivory cake you envisaged – complete with intricate lace swirls and rose buds – turned out to be a flat and tasteless one tier flop with a flower on the top?

Many people assume that a DJ is just a DJ – that we’re of the same breed, the same creed, and that what we deliver is exactly the same as every other DJ in the country. We show up, play music, fill the dance floor and everyone has a good time. It’s actually deeply saddening to me as a professional wedding DJ that people continue to have this mindset (as I know the outcome); it’s as if someone suggesting that Primark deliver the same quality of suit as Savile Row.

The last thing I want to do is incite fear into you. I’m sure there are some amazing venues out there  who offer package deals including a DJ, that have been keeping brides and grooms happy for years. But then again, there are lots of couples who deeply regret their decisions when their wedding is over, when it’s all too late to turn the clock back.

I’m sure, like every bride and groom in the land, that you want your wedding to be amazing. And it can be. But only if you take the time to ensure you’re getting what you’re paying for.

  • Is your DJ prepared to meet you in person and discuss your dreams for the big day?
  • Has he spoken to you about any special dances and announcements you may have planned?
  • Is he aware of the age range of your guests? Or how many guests you have attending?
  • Has he asked you about all your favourite songs?
  • Has he asked you about any songs you don’t like?
  • Has he asked you about how and when you met?
  • Have you told him any stories about your wedding party?
  • Has he bothered to even get to know you at all?

These are all things to think about when you hire your DJ. A professional DJ who actually cares about the bride and the groom and the success of their wedding day wouldn’t even consider taking the booking without taking the time to get to know the stars of the show first.

You only have one chance to get it right. Don’t take shortcuts and regret it.

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