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During the course of my working life as a DJ for weddings, I get to meet a lot of wedding specialists – florists and caterers  to name just two. But the people I tend to see the most and spend the most time with are photographers – especially if I’m booked for the entire day’s entertainment.

As an amateur photographer myself, I really enjoy watching the professionals at work. Years ago, I held the belief that all wedding photographers were pretty much the same (in that they arranged people in traditional poses and clicked the shutter), but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Yes…there are thousands of ‘traditional’ wedding photographers out there who could have been carbon-cut from the same template, but more and more I’m seeing brides and grooms moving away from the stiff, traditional and formal style of wedding and opting for a more fluid, artistic approach. Wedding cakes are being replaced with cupcake towers, wedding decorations are being given the home-made personal touch and first dances are now being choreographed. As for the photography, fun, contemporary and journalistic photographers seem to be pushing the traditionalists aside.

When I’m standing on the sidelines and watching  photographers go about their work, I obviously don’t get to see what they’ve captured on camera. (That happens later.)  But what I do see is how they interact with the people they’re photographing, how people respond to them, how much effort they put into their work and their creative talent.

Sadly, I’ve witnessed things that I wish I hadn’t: Family members being burdened with the job of trying to capture beautiful images when they haven’t got a clue what they’re doing, and even more horrifying, so-called ‘professionals’ who seem to have a really hard time capturing the spirit of the day.

Thankfully, there are some fantastic photographers out there who are not just super-talented but who happen to be really nice people too. Their flair and passion for wedding photography has been obvious to me since the first time I saw them at work, and having seen many of the photographs they’ve taken at the weddings I’ve been a part of, I can certainly vouch for them. Not only are they skilled professionals but they’re great guys who know how to interact to get the very best results.

Neal Houghton –

Neal’s storybook wedding style is amazing, combining informal reportage style photography with the contemporary. Having bases in Herts, he’s available for work over much of the UK.

Patrick –

With an eye for detail and always brimming with new ideas, Patrick’s creativity is astounding. Shortlisted for the 2013 Wedding Industry Awards, he’s friendly,  professional and full of enthusiasm. If you’re based in Hertfordshire, make sure you check him out!

John Paul O’Donnel –

As John says on his website, he captures ‘the fun, the laughter and the day’. With years of experience and photography running through his veins, this isn’t just a vocation for him, it’s a whole way of life.  Based in Hertfordshire, John is a real people’s person who just oozes talent.

Bill Bowman –

Bill has photographed thousands of weddings all over the world and is happy to travel almost anywhere. His style is modern romantic with a hint of traditional, he has the biggest kit I’ve ever seen and his technical knowledge is mind-blowing.



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