Wedding Food Trends for 2011

Wedding Food

Your wedding food trend is one of the many important items on your to do list while planning for your up and coming wedding.  One of the issues is learning what type of food you will be serving to your wedding guest. This is just one of the many important questions that you will need to address.  Of course on the list there will be plenty of food that your guest have already tried or the food on the menu might even been already tested and long time favorites of the menu. Some couples get completely fancy on their wedding day and want to do some very different with the menu. In 2011 there are some trends that have been heating up the year for weddings and I’m going to give you some of the latest trends for 2011 weddings.

Wedding Food Trends 2011

Cheese Wedding Cake

That’s right one of the growing popular tends for food at the wedding is a cake made out of cheese. This has grown to be a popular idea of switching the traditional wedding sweet, and fruit wedding cake to a fun and funky layered wedding cake made completely out of cheese. Just like the traditional wedding cake this cake can be stacked up in a cake style. The only difference about the cheese wedding cake is that each layer can be made with a different type of cheese. The traditional cutting style can still be produced by the bride and groomed and it can be served at the end of the meal or kept ready to be served for an evening buffet.

Miniature Desserts

When it comes to serving desserts at a wedding there is pretty much a small selection of options to choose from. If you are looking to bring variety to your wedding then you can a different twist to the dessert course. In 2011 you will defiantly see the trend of wedding parties choosing to select the restaurant idea of serving a wider variety of miniature desserts.  The miniature desserts can be served on a joint platter where guest can pretty much help themselves in choosing what they want. Some of the popular favorites that are included on the miniature dessert platter can include miniature lemon tart, mini raspberry cheesecake, and miniature brownies.

Rustic Carved Meats

A lot of wedding experts have concluded that rustic carved meats will be the trend of 2011 weddings.  Rustic carved meats can be served on wooden boards for the guest of the wedding.  Vegetables and potatoes will be served directly to the table along with boards that will include the following meats, pork, ham, turkey and chicken. Serving your guest rustic carved meets will defiantly reduce the need for to select ahead of time what type of meet they want at the wedding. Rustic carved meats are an informal way to serve food from the traditional style of wedding. This element can make the meal seem more relaxed.

Whatever food trend you select really depends on the couple who is getting married, but there are tons of hot 2011 trends to choose from this year!

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