Weddings – Fizzle or Bang?

How do you want your function to end? Do you want it to slowly fizzle out or would you rather have a truly magnificent big bang to the end?

I think we already know the answer is you want a bang, after all you want your guests to remember your wedding as the wedding the best they have been to! So what’s the best way to do this? Amongst other thing, finish on a big bang!

Sometime we are asked to start a wedding disco relatively early, around 6 pm and finish quite late, around 1 am. To some this may sound like a great idea, I mean who wouldn’t want 6 hours of non-stop partying… however the problem is that often after a long eventful day your guests will often start to feel that all the enjoyment is slowly taking it toll on them, so they start to feel tired, especially so after a beautiful 3 course meal topped off with some delicious wedding cake – that concoction would make anyone feel like their eye lids are getting heavy. But fear not, we have a tendency to perk up any party, but that’s not to say that some due attention is needed when thinking about what times you should start and finish your disco.

Generally you don’t need to determine your start time as that’s usually an hour after the meal (if the venue are having a turn around and you wish for a short refreshing break) as for the finish time…. well, whilst there is no optimal or maximum time your guest will keep on dancing, we generally find that a 4 hour wedding disco is about the right balance. You and your guests will get 4 non-stop hours of musical enjoyment and wedding entertainment which should leave any one’s feet feeling a bit sore (let alone anyone who has had a busy day!) whilst not going on for too long.

However if you decided to go on for a bit longer, from our experience what we have noticed is actually rather than stay till the end, guests slowly drop off and depart. This of course means that actually your event has finish slowly in a fizzle with the remaining few guests, rather than having all your friends and family surround you in a grand circle creating a truly magical moment and that big bang of a finish.

If you can imagine its a lot easier for a guest to say “there’s only 30 minutes, lets stay till the end” rather than “there’s still another hour and a half left, lets get our coat, say goodbye and make our way”.

So hopefully you can see how the difference in an hours extra music actually isn’t always best. Don’t get me wrong, if you want to party on till the early hours we will make that happen for you and will strive to do the best job we can – just spare a thought the fizzle or bang idea!

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