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I don’t just want your wedding reception to be perfect; I want it to be breath-taking. I want your guests to be wowed, and they will be. From the passion of your first dance to the elation of your last, I’ll make sure that your reception is cram-packed with emotion. There’ll be fun and laughter, love and romance, and a sprinkle of magic all the way though. With myself as your Wedding DJ the dance floor will be full and everyone will have the time of their lives. That’s a promise.

Your Music, Your Way

To get there I want to learn all about you…the songs you love, the songs you hate, and the ones that get you up on your feet. I want to know about your first dance and any other special dances you’d like, too. By getting to know you and listening to your plans and ideas, I can ensure to deliver an outstanding, once-in-a-lifetime, personally tailored DJ service.Whether you’re planning a themed wedding with a single genre of music, or a mash of the decades with all the top tunes, when you book me you can have whatever music you’d like. You can choose to be in total control of the music playlist, or tell me to play anything that will keep the dance floor full.  We’re all different, we’re all unique, and I want your wedding reception to be a reflection of you.

You’ll be given access to my extensive online music library where you can create your very own playlist. This is just one of the many services I offer that will give you and your wedding disco that extra special touch. The planner allows you to categories songs into 3 categories:

  • Must play – even if it clears the dancefloor, it shall be played
  • Please play – which will make up most of your playlist
  • Don’t play – for those songs you absolutely do not want to hear, even if the best man requests them!

Its up to you whether the Macerena is in the Must Play or Don’t Play list!

Bring on the Special!

But it’s not just about the music. It’s about the atmosphere you want to create and the memories you want to make, and there’s a whole host of things I can help you with, guaranteed to bring the wow-factor.

Mood Lighting will totally transform the ambience of your venue and create a breathtaking backdrop for your celebration.  A music compilation for a break-out dance, or a pre-recorded special message for your partner, friends, or family is a great way to surprise your guests. Or, how about having an After Party where, following a fake ending, we’ll burst into a club night that’ll blow the roof off! All of these things, which are included in the package, will make your evening unforgettable and have your guests talking about all the unique things you did to make your wedding a great one.


But if you’re looking for something extra special, and want to take your wedding to another level,  why not hire me for my All Day Wedding Entertainment and let me transform your entire wedding into an exceptional, emotional, and fun-filled, red-carpet event. Your personally tailored Love Story and Super Grand Entrance (during your wedding breakfast), and the Mr & Mrs Wedding Game and Confetti Explosions (at your evening reception) will be just the start of it!

Money Back Guarantee

I’m not just a DJ, I’m an experienced party host who has travelled to America to train with the very best Wedding DJs the world has to offer. The service I provide is incomparable to anything you will have seen before and I can’t wait to make your wedding day dreams come true.  From our very first contact to playing the very last song, I will be going the extra mile for you and ensuring your wedding reception is one that people will remember for the rest of their lives. With a 100% client satisfaction record to date, you can be confident in my ability to do that, and it’s the reason I offer you a money back guarantee if you don’t love everything I do for you.

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