Mood Lighting

Mood Lighting Hire

Have you ever walked into a room for an event, and the first thing you thought was ‘WOW’? If you have, the chances are that it had mood lighting.

By using LED up-lighting units, your entire surroundings can be completely transformed, and the colour you choose will paint the whole room from top to bottom with the most incredible ambience. It’s classy, elegant and modern, and with over five hundred colours to choose from, you can match your colour scheme perfectly and guarantee to bring the wow factor to your wedding.

What’s so special about LED up-lighting?

Picture the scene: It’s the start of your evening reception, all your friends and family are gathered around and they’re waiting for that magical moment – your all-important first dance as husband and wife. The lights are dimmed, the curtains are closed, and with a flick of a switch a stunning transformation takes place.

Imagine a tranquil baby blue or a soft violet colouring the walls. Now imagine it with a luscious fiery red or a hot pink. An atmosphere can be dramatically changed with the use of colour and set the whole tone for your evening, so if you’re looking to turn your room into a feature and create a spectacular and breath-taking display, mood lighting is your perfect choice.